Friday, December 26, 2014

How to make Ajax calls from jquery client side to django view

Problem - We need to make Ajax call from client side browser to the server posting some data. Instead of posting the whole form to the server we need to use ajax to post only the required data back to the server. The problem arises in how to provide URL parameter for the post call which includes the server root and the app route as well.

Solution - 

  • Let the form include the csrf token as provided by django framework by placing {% csrf_token %}
  • The javascript function that will make the required call at :

          var host =; // host + port
          var protocol = document.location.protocol;
          var sr_origin = '//' + host;
          var origin = protocol + sr_origin;
                         url :origin+"/appName/post_view",
                                     "DATA_X": x,
                                     "DATA_Y" : y,
            error:function(data){ alert('Error:');},
            success:function(data){ alert("Success");}

  • On the view side we need to provide a map for the URL : /appName/post_view mentioned above as : url (r'^post_view$',views.post_view,name='post_view') in the file located within the appName folder [appName is the name of django app from which we want to make the call to view function]
Once this mapping is done we are good to make our ajax call ! 

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